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Your one stop solution for complete partials/dentures.

Dentures are removable appliances that replace all the teeth in either the upper or lower arch. They improve chewing ability and speech and provide support for facial features, creating a more youthful appearance. There are four types of dentures:

  • Immediate denture
  • Conventional denture
  • Partial denture
  • Implant-supported denture

An immediate denture is fabricated before the remaining teeth are removed, allowing the patient to not go without teeth during the fabrication of the denture. However, after the first 6 months, as the bone and tissue shrink, they will require rebasing or relining to fit snugly.

A conventional denture is fabricated after all the teeth are removed and the bone and tissue have been allowed to heal for 6-8 weeks. This ensures the denture will fit snugly from initial fabrication and will not need rebasing/relining; however, the patient must go without teeth for the healing period.

A partial denture replaces only the missing teeth in either the upper or lower arch. They attach to your natural teeth by either clasps or precision attachments in crowned teeth. Partials consist of replacement teeth attached to a removable metal framework.

An implant supported denture is a full or partial denture that is made to fit over and attach to dental implant abutments. They are the “top of the line” when it comes to replacement teeth, as they are firmly anchored and held in place without the use of suction or stress on the neighboring dentition.