About This Project

Top-of-the-line treatment for gum disease.

Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. In the early stage of gum disease, called gingivitis, the gums can become red, swollen and bleed easily. At this stage, the disease is still reversible and can usually be eliminated by daily brushing and flossing after a professional dental cleaning. In the more advanced stages of gum disease, called periodontitis, the gums and bone that support the teeth can become seriously damaged. The teeth can become loose, fall out or may even have to be removed.

Stop gum disease in its tracks with root planing & scaling.

Periodontitis can be arrested and treated by a special technique called root planning and scaling. Local anesthesia is administered to reduce any discomfort. Then our skilled hygienists use special instruments to clean beneath your gum line to remove plaque and tartar. The root surfaces of the teeth are then smoothed which allows the gum tissue to heal and reattach itself to the tooth.

Reduce side effects with Arestin therapy.

In cases of advanced periodontitis, Arestin (minocycline HCL) is a sustained release, antibiotic applied under the gum line to reduce infection causing bacteria. It is indicated as an adjunct to root planing and scaling in patients with active periodontal disease and advanced bone loss. Arestin therapy produces the immediate reduction of bacteria to healthier levels and reduces bleeding, redness and swelling.