3 Reasons We’re Grateful For Dental Implants

With Thanksgiving coming up, we are looking forward to spending time with family, friends, and food. (We’ll let you decide which should be first on the list.)
We also know that for people who have loose-fitting dentures, the holidays can be a challenging time. You might want to dig into some corn on the cob, enjoy some ham or turkey, or try all the desserts. That’s much easier when you aren’t worried about your dentures coming loose when you take a bite or try to chew.
You can put that worry aside by getting dental implants to support your dentures. In fact, we are so grateful for implants, that our team at Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS are sharing three reasons to be grateful for them in today’s post.
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1. You Can Eat Again

Having implants adds a level of stability and strength to your dentures that isn’t possible with adhesives.
According to multiple studies, people with traditional dentures can generate about one-fourth of the force of someone with a full set of healthy teeth. In contrast, someone with implant-supported dentures can bite with nearly as much power as someone with all their teeth.
That means you can eat what you want. You can bite into corn on the cob, enjoy a caramel apple, or put anything you’d like on your plate during the holidays. You also can dine out knowing you can eat what you would like.

2. Your ‘Teeth’ Stay In Place

Many people with dentures are familiar with the slippery nature of these teeth replacements. Even with an adhesive, they can slide around inside your mouth. That can be frustrating when you need to say something. From what patients have told us, they have sometimes hesitated to speak because they didn’t want to lose their teeth.
With implants, your dentures are anchored in place. This means you can speak when you have something to say. You won’t need to worry about your teeth moving around and ruining the punchline of your joke or making you hard to understand.

3. Your Jaw Stays Strong, Too

Bone loss in your jaw is one of the consequences of tooth loss. Over time, this affects your appearance, causing you to look older than you are. It also changes the shape of your mouth, which can cause dentures to become looser.
Implants were made to replace the roots of your missing teeth. Like roots, implants provide stimulation to your jaw. This causes new bone growth, which can stop bone loss and keep your jaw healthy and strong.

Enjoy Many Holiday Meals In The Future

If you are tired of skipping your favorite treats during this time of year, schedule a visit to Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS. Get dental implants, so your replacement teeth can function like the real thing.
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