Revive Your Youthful Appearance Without Surgery

Many patients are pleased with their younger-looking appearance after receiving cosmetic dentistry. However, you can further reverse the clock by softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles with Botox and dermal fillers. These facial rejuvenation treatments are:

  • Comfortable – You may feel a mild sting when receiving Botox or Juvéderm®, but you shouldn’t experience any lingering discomfort.
  • Quick – We can complete your procedure in minutes in most situations.
  • Long Lasting – Botox’s benefits last from three to six months. Juvéderm should last at least six months, although the effects often last much longer.
  • Safe – We use only FDA-approved substances with long safety records. You’ll enjoy added peace of mind receiving your treatment from doctors who have a greater understanding of facial anatomy than someone without medical training.

Even if these treatments don’t involve surgery, they are still medical procedures. They require specific training, skill, and knowledge to ensure you get natural-looking results.

Discover the Right Treatment to Highlight Your Smile

Our team will work with you to determine which treatment will provide the appearance you want:

  • Botox – Botox temporarily prevents specific muscles in your face from moving. This is an effective way to avoid lines at the corners of your eyes, in your forehead, and between your brows. You can repeat treatments as needed for better long-term results.
  • Juvéderm – This gel adds volume to your face. It works well for “parentheses” around your mouth and similar areas. It can add fullness to your lips. Like Botox, treatments can be repeated.

To make your care even easier, you can:

  • Schedule evening appointments
  • Enjoy Starbucks coffee or another beverage
  • Freshen up with a warm towel
  • Use our free Wi-Fi to stay connected

Interested in Botox and dermal fillers in Crown Point? To make your appointment, call 219-641-3422 or schedule online. We’re conveniently located near the Crown Point Community Library.