Realign Your Teeth Without Wires

At our office, you can get a digital preview of your new smile using special software before you decide if Invisalign is the right orthodontic option for you. Advanced technology is also used to design each of your aligners. That is how the Invisalign lab creates a series of plastic aligners personalized to fit your teeth at each step of the process.

You wear each aligner for about two weeks before changing to the next one in the series. The aligners gently move your teeth into the proper position over time. You’ll see us every four to six weeks so we can ensure your treatment is proceeding according to plan.

Visit us for Invisalign in Crown Point or other cosmetic dental services. You could even save money on your treatment by signing up for one of our membership plans. Call Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS, LLC at 219-641-3422 for a free consultation, or schedule online. We’re located near the town square and the Crown Point Community Library.