Your New Teeth Will Remain in Place

Depending on your smile goals, your budget, your oral health, and the number of teeth you’re missing, you have many dentures options that will fill the gaps. They include:

  • Removable Partial Dentures – If you have several missing teeth, we can create a removable partial denture attached to your natural teeth or to teeth modified with dental crowns.
  • A Fixed Partial Denture – Avoid taking your teeth out to clean them each day by getting a partial denture that only your dentist can remove.
  • Full Dentures – Replace a whole mouthful of missing teeth with full dentures in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws. They can be attached to dental implants for a firm hold, a strong bite, and better long-term oral health.

Our dentists at Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS, LLC can also fit you for temporary dentures before your teeth are removed. You can then wear them while your final restoration is being fabricated. This allows you to eat and enjoy normal oral function while your mouth heals.

Secure Your New Smile to Implants For Lifelike Function

One of the newest ways to wear lifelike dentures is securing them with dental implants. Aside from being able to ditch adhesives, there are other benefits. Your dentures will:

  • Stay in Place – Because we secure your dentures to dental implants, you won’t experience embarrassing slippage. They also provide bite power similar to natural teeth.
  • Feel Comfortable – Instead of sitting directly on your gums, attaching them to implants make them more comfortable to wear. No more sore spots from rubbing!
  • Improve Jawbone Health – Implants stimulate your jawbone much like natural tooth roots. You won’t lose bone density the way you can with traditional dentures.

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