Avoid Dental Injuries With Athletic Mouthguards

You want to get a family photo. Your pull close to your spouse and tell your kids to get in close, too.
There’s just one problem, your daughter refuses to smile. After colliding with a teammate in a softball practice last week, she’s embarrassed about her chipped tooth. Eventually, you get a photo you can live with, but it’s not the photo you wanted. You wanted everyone smiling, and even though your daughter says she’s had fun on your vacation, you can tell she’s self-conscious about her smile.
Could you avoid this situation? If she had an athletic mouthguard from our Crown Point, IN dentist office, there’s is a good chance her tooth would have been fine after that collision.
To get one of our custom mouthguards for all the athletes in your family, call Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS at 219-641-3422.

Protect Those Smiles

When you get in your car, you don’t want to get in an accident, but you understand that while accidents are rare, they are a possibility. That’s why you put on your seat belt and expect everyone in your family to do the same when they ride in a vehicle.
At the same time, if you were seating behind the wheel of a car on a race track, you would want better protection than the standard seat belt in your family car. You would want a five-point harness and a helmet (which is why professional drivers wear them).
For comparison’s sake, you could get a mouthguard from the sporting goods department, which would be kind of like the seat belts in your personal car. Or our team could make you a mouthguard custom-made for your teeth, which is more like the five-point harness in the race car.
Professional drivers know that the driving conditions on a track are different than everyday road traffic. Likewise, your risk of injury is higher when people around you are running, jumping, throwing or hitting something, trying to tackle you, or possibly doing more than one of those things at the same time.
Athletes who wear mouthguards are 60 times less likely to suffer dental injuries. That’s why the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend them.

Custom-Made Makes A Difference

It’s true that all mouthguards provide some level of protection. Yet, the ADA, AAPD, and other professional dental organizations recommend custom mouthguards over the kinds you can find in stores. Researchers have found that custom mouthguards offer better protection against dental injuries.
That’s not the only advantage of custom mouthguards. Because they are smaller, they are more comfortable to wear. They don’t interfere with breathing, talking to coaches or teammates, and drinking water (you need to stay hydrated, after all).

Play On

Sports are a fun reason to get active and have fun. They do come with a risk of injury, but the right equipment — including athletic mouthguards — can keep you and your loved ones in the game. Call 219-641-3422 or contact us online to learn how to protect your winning smiles at Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS.