Clean Up Your Yellow Teeth With Professional Teeth Whitening

Take a minute to do an online image search for “celebrity smiles”. (Do this in a separate tab. We do want you to keep reading this post, after all.)
What did you see? Which smiles stood out first? You probably noticed the smiles with white, bright teeth.
Now take a closer look at those standout smiles. Would you like to have a smile like that, too?
It’s normal and understandable for you to want your smile to look its best. It affects how you feel, and it can affect how other people perceive you.
After all, there’s a reason that self-proclaimed “teeth whitening” toothpaste, gels, and strips are so popular in the United States. Unfortunately, these over-the-counter products often aren’t as effective as you might like.
Don’t let yellow teeth prevent you from flashing your “pearly whites.” If you are ready to get rid of the stains on your teeth, then contact our dentists at Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS in Crown Point, IN. To make an appointment for professional teeth whitening, call us at 219-641-3422 or contact us online.

Your Smile Is A Big Part Of Your First Impression

Let’s imagine you have a job interview, and you have arrived at your potential new employer’s office early, so you have plenty of time to duck into the restroom for a moment.
You look in the mirror. Your outfit looks professional. You take a deep breath and look at your smile. Which would you rather see?

  • Yellow, stained teeth
  • Bright, white teeth

We feel pretty confident that most people would rather have the bright, white smile. Could this make a difference in your interview? It just might.
A recent survey conducted by Kelton revealed some interesting things above how our smiles affect the way other people perceive us. This is particularly true when you are making your first impression on someone (such as during a job interview).
Having a nice smile affects people’s perceptions of someone else’s intelligence, friendliness, and trustworthiness. You would probably agree that these are all factors that could affect whether you are invited back for a second round of interviews or offered a position.

Your Smile Affects Your Self-Image Too

Let’s go back to the mirror moment we mentioned above. How would you feel based on what you saw in your reflection?
If you saw dark or yellow teeth, you might become self-conscious about your teeth. This can make you somewhat embarrassed to smile. And if you try to avoid smiling because you don’t want someone to see your teeth, then you make not come across as a friendly person to the person conducting your interview.
On the other hand, if you have a bright, white smile, you may feel more relaxed (or as relaxed as possible before a job interview). When you aren’t worried about what someone else is thinking about your teeth, you may smile more easily, which can help you appear more confident.
That could help you land the job, and it can be just a valuable when you are meeting with a client or potential customer.
You probably realize that feeling confident about your smile can make a difference in your personal life as well, whether you are seeking a romantic partner or introducing yourself to new friends and neighbors. Don’t let worries about your teeth hold you back.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better

Removing the stains from your teeth can be done, but how you choose to do this makes a big difference.
So why should you consider professional teeth whitening instead of the commercial products you will find in the toothpaste aisle?
The first reason is effectiveness. The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has done research on the various whitening products available today. They found that that whitening toothpaste could remove surface stains, but not much else.
The council also looked at whitening gels and strips. These contain bleaching agents, which can remove deeper stains below the surface. This can make your teeth whiter than whitening toothpaste, however.
The problem is the concentration of the bleaching agents, which is relatively low in commercial products compared to professional teeth whitening like you will find at our Crown Point, IN dentist office.
As a result, professional whitening can remove more of your stains in less time than commercial whitening products. It’s sort of like the difference between cleaning the sides of your home with a power washer or a garden hose. Technically, both can work, but the first one will save you a lot of time and effort.

Feel Good About Your Smile Again

If you are tired of seeing yellow teeth when you look in the mirror, make an appointment at Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS. You can contact us online or call 219-641-3422.