Dental Veneers vs. Tooth Bonding – Which One Is Right For You?

Cosmetic imperfections like chips, cracks, discoloration, and unevenness can make it hard to smile with confidence. Fortunately, there are solutions available to fix these dental issues and restore your confidence. 

We can determine which solution is right for you during a consultation at our Crown Point, IN dental office, but in the meantime, learn more about the two options available to transform the look of your smile. 

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Dental Veneers vs. Tooth Bonding

Understanding more about dental veneers and tooth bonding can make it easier to determine which one is right for you. 


Lumineers are a specific type of veneer made. These super thin, custom-made “shells” are placed on the front of your teeth. They’re commonly used to solve cosmetic dental problems like discolored, misaligned, chipped, gapped, or misshapen teeth. 

Cosmetic dentists have been using Lumineers for over 30 years. Unlike with traditional veneers, we don’t have to remove any of your tooth enamel before applying Lumineers.

After your initial consultation at VB&K, we will take digital impressions of your teeth to send to the lab that makes Lumineers. Two to four weeks later, when your custom veneers are ready, we will bond the Lumineers to your teeth and you’ll leave our office with a radiant, picture-perfect smile.

Lumineers are incredibly strong, durable, and stain-resistant. They can last up to 20 years before they’ll need to be replaced. Caring for them is easy, too. Just like with your natural teeth, you’ll want to brush and floss your teeth daily and visit our office for checkups twice a year. 

Tooth Bonding

Cosmetic tooth bonding is another option to consider if you’re looking to correct chips, cracks, minor gaps, and discoloration. During a tooth bonding treatment we carefully and expertly apply composite resin onto your teeth, set it with an ultraviolet curing light, and polish it to give it a realistic sheen.

As the composite resin dries, it bonds to your tooth enamel to create a very natural-looking restoration. Depending on how many teeth are being treated, we can typically complete the restoration in one visit. 

Tooth bonding is typically more affordable than getting Lumineers because there’s no prep or lab work required. However, the treatment doesn’t last as long as veneers. With proper maintenance, most bonding treatments last between five and ten years before the bonding needs to be replaced.

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