Go Small To Preserve Your Big Smile

Many patients are afraid when they come to our dental office in Crown Point, IN.
We don’t mean because of dental anxiety, although this is a real issue for many people. (And we do have ways of helping you work through that if it is an issue for you or someone you love.)
Instead, we are focusing on patients who are afraid of what they have lost because they are missing their teeth. These are patients who are afraid they won’t be able to eat the foods they love or be able to smile with confidence again.
We know this is a different kind of fear, but it’s a real concern for many people. Thankfully, there is a solution in the form of mini dental implants. We can help you get them at Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS, LLC.
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Dentures Won’t Be Enough

Many people will get dentures when they first lose their teeth.
In truth, dentures usually don’t seem too bad at first. Modern dentures look quite natural … when they stay in position. You can’t eat anything you want when you have dentures, but you can certainly eat more than you could if you didn’t have any replacement teeth.
When dentures are new, they tend to fit better because they have been made to match the shape of your mouth. That’s the rub (no pun intended), too.
The shape of your mouth will change when you have dentures. The reason is that you don’t have anything replacing the roots of your teeth.
When someone has a healthy set of teeth, their roots and their jaw have a mutually supportive existence. When you bite and chew, your roots push into your jawbone. This causes your jaw to create new bone tissue, which helps it stay strong and healthy.
And a strong, healthy jaw will hold your teeth firmly in place — by the roots.
Without roots or some kind of replacement, your jaw won’t make new tissue. Then, it begins to shrink. This changes the shape of your mouth, which changes how your dentures fit. In time, they will slip and slide around more easily, making it more and more difficult to eat, speak, or smile without worrying when your “teeth” might come loose again.

Hold Steady

Many patients come to us after they grew tired of fighting with their slippery dentures.
Unfortunately, some of them have lost so much bone tissue at this point that dental implants are no longer an option. This is why mini implants have been such an important breakthrough in restorative dentistry.
As you probably realize, mini implants are smaller than standard implants. Even so, they can be just as effective when placed properly.
Our doctors have been helping patients get mini implant-supported dentures for years. They would be happy to help you, too. With your implants in position, you can trust your dentures to stay secure. You also can stop the bone loss that is occurring in your mouth.

Stay Strong

Don’t live in fear that you will lose your quality of life due to loose, ill-fitting dentures. Visit Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS today to find out if implants or mini implants can give you back more than just your smile.
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