Good Reasons To Get A Dental Cleaning Before 2021

With the way things have gone in 2020, we wouldn’t blame you if you are ready for this year to be over. Even so, there is something we hope you will do before New Year’s Day. We hope you will come to our office for a professional dental cleaning and exam.

Preventive Care Is Better For Your Oral Health

As with all health issues, preventing a problem is better than treating it. It’s also why the American Dental Association recommends doing three things: brushing twice daily, flossing every day, and getting routine dental checkups.

During your visits to our office, our team will remove any plaque and tartar buildup. We’ll also keep our eyes open for any signs of decay or gum infection. Acting early can spare you from more serious oral health problems.

Time Is A Factor

If you haven’t had a checkup for whatever reason, it’s important to get one during this calendar year if you have dental insurance. Many insurance policies offer benefits that cover all or much of the cost of a cleaning, but under many plans, those benefits expire at the end of the calendar year. Don’t lose out on the benefits you’ve been paying for all year.

We’re Prepared

COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives in one way or another. You may have missed a planned dental appointment earlier this year as a result. If you have been hesitant to schedule a new appointment, please take a moment to learn about our new protocols to keep you and our team members safe during your visit.

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