Keep Smiling & Eating Whatever You Love

You want to have a great smile, but there’s one obvious problem.
You are missing teeth.
You want to eat the foods you love, too, but your missing teeth are making that difficult as well.
What can you do about? If you are in or near Crown Point, IN, you can visit Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS.
We offer full-mouth reconstruction with dental implants, so you can restore your smile and put some power back into your bite. Since August is Dental Implant Month, we are going to tell you a little more about your tooth replacement options today.
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Implants & Your Jaw

The empty space in your smile may be the most obvious problem with tooth loss, but it may not be the biggest issue.
When you lose your teeth, you also start losing bone tissue in your jaw. As this happens your jaw gets smaller, which can affect the shape of your face and how teeth replacements like dentures fit.
When you had all your teeth, your roots created pressure on your jaw every time you bit or chewed something. That pressure caused your jaw to make new bone tissue. This is necessary to keep your jaw healthy and strong since old bone tissue is regularly absorbed back into your body.
This bone loss is part of the reason losing teeth can make you more likely to lose more.
Modern implants are prosthetic roots. They are placed directly in your jaw, and they recreate the pressure that your roots once did. With implants to support your dentures, bridges, or crown, you will look and feel like you have new teeth again!

When to Get Small

Implants can prevent bone loss … but they can’t regrow bone that’s already gone.
This used to be a bigger issue.
After a few years, people would get frustrated with traditional dentures. They would want implants, but their shrunken jaws were too small support full-sized implants.
This used to mean that they needed to get a bone graft to rebuild their jaw before their implants could be placed. That added another expense and more time before they could feel like they had real teeth again.
Today, many patients can bypass the bone graft by getting mini implants. As the name suggests, they are a smaller version of implants. This also means they can fit where standard implants won’t, which means you may be able to get minis even if you already have lost some bone tissue in your jaw.

Rebuild Your Smile

These are not your grandparents’ teeth replacements. Modern restorative dentistry has tools that can give you a natural-looking smile and (perhaps more importantly) restore your biting and chewing power. With implants or mini implants, you can feel confident about ordering anything you want when you dine out or eating any dish when your family gets together for meals.
To rebuild more than just your smile, make an appointment at Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS today. Call us at 219-641-3422 or contact us online.