Take Charge of Your Life With Dental Implants

You arrive at your work with your dish for the holiday potluck. Your mac and cheese is usually a big hit.

More than anything, however, you are looking forward to sampling all the dishes (especially the desserts) that your co-workers have brought. The best thing is that you know you can eat anything that you choose to put on your plate.

Your dental implants have been life-changing. You no longer feel self-conscious about your missing teeth. You don’t fiddle with applying denture adhesives in hopes of keeping your “false teeth” in place, either.

With implants, your replacement teeth feel strong, secure, and stable. You are confident that they aren’t going to shift around when you try to speak or eat. You can enjoy your meals and your moments with family and friends.

That could be you in the near future. Come to our Crown Point, IN practice to replace your missing teeth. Call 219-641-3422 now to schedule a consultation at Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS to discuss what implants could do for you.

What Could Happen

Living with missing teeth hurts your health and your quality of life.

When you don’t have teeth, you are not able to bite and chew many foods. As a result, you may not be getting the variety of food necessary to provide the nutrients you need. Over time, this takes a toll on your systemic health.

Getting traditional dentures is an improvement, but they still aren’t quite the same as having natural teeth. Modern dentures can look great, but they still have the same issues that your grandparents’ dentures did.

Dentures can and do shift around when you try to bite certain foods. Even with adhesive, it is difficult to generate the kind of chewing force needed to eat some things. When your food isn’t chewed well, it’s harder for your body to break down and digest.

Dentures rest over your gums. By themselves, they don’t have a direct connection to your jawbone. This limits the stimulation that your jaw receives when you eat. Without that stimulation, your jaw will gradually lose bone mass. That is what causes many people with missing teeth or dentures to develop a “sunken in” appearance over time.

Secure Your Smile

Modern implants were designed to replace the roots of your lost teeth. Your implants are placed directly in your jaw. This provides some clear long-term benefits for you.

First, your implants anchor your replacement teeth in your mouth. This is true whether you are getting crowns, bridges or dentures.

Through a process called osseointegration, your jaw bonds to your implants. This keeps them securely in place. That, in turn, keeps your replacement teeth stable and allows you to generate more power when you bite and chew.

Since the implants are in your jaw, they also replicate the stimulation that your roots once provided. That can prevent the bone loss we mentioned above.

Reclaim Your Strong Bite

You shouldn’t stress about whether you are capable of biting the food on your plate. Instead, get dental implants in Crown Point, IN to enjoy better meals and a better quality of life.

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