Make Room For Health With Oral Surgery

You didn’t really want that procedure, but you can understand why it was so important now.
Your mouth is healthier than it has been in years. Your smile looks great, and you can bite and chew naturally and normally again.
When you speak, you feel confident and in control, and you don’t worry if someone else sees your teeth anymore.
You wouldn’t have thought that was possible, but after your oral surgery, you feel much better.
If that sounds appealing to you, call 219-641-3422 today. Schedule a consultation at Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS in Crown Point, IN. Find out for yourself if surgery or other services could restore the appearance of your smile.

Winning By Losing

You may have heard someone say it’s time to “cut your losses.” The idea is that you are doing something to minimize harm. Tooth extraction, which is a kind of oral surgery, is an excellent example of this.
Taking out a tooth is not normally what our doctors want to do. If a tooth can be saved, we would prefer to do that. Yet, the best thing to do with a tooth that is causing a problem can be to remove the tooth entirely in some situations. When this happens, it can set the stage for a solution that improves your smile and your oral health.
Consider a tooth infection. Many times a root canal procedure is all that is needed. This removes the infected tissue and allows us to place a dental crown to restore the function and appearance of the tooth. If the tooth has become too weak support a crown, however, removing and replacing it is a better option.
Crowding is another serious problem. This can lead to a higher risk of cavities and gum disease, and it can complicate orthodontic care. In these situations, taking out one or more teeth can make it much easier to reposition the remaining teeth into an attractive smile. This also can allow for enough space to clean teeth effectively.
Wisdom teeth often need to be removed as well. Many people’s jaws are simply not large enough for these teeth to erupt correctly. That can cause their wisdom teeth to become impacted. This can lead to an issue with crowding, changes in your bite, and (again) a greater risk of decay, cavities, and gum disease.
With routine checkups, we can monitor these teeth as they are coming in. Often, we can identify a potential problem early. This allows us to preemptively remove those teeth so you or someone you love does not have to experience the issues that come with impacted wisdom teeth.

Experience You Can Count On

Our doctors bring more than 50 years of combined dental service to our practice. They have been helping patients with a variety of oral health issues throughout their careers. They and the rest of our team are dedicated to giving you the best care possible. That’s true whether you need to repair a cracked tooth or remove and replace multiple teeth at the same time.


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