Three Big Benefits Of Changing Your Smile With Invisalign

Who do you think has a “picture perfect” smile? Is it a celebrity? A friend? A co-worker? One of your relatives? Whoever it is probably has straight, white teeth. We wrote about teeth whitening in recent post, so today we will be focused on how you can create that great, straight ...

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Fill Your Cavity, Save Your Smile With Tooth-Colored Fillings (video)

If you’ve never had a cavity, that’s wonderful. We hope you can keep that up with your daily hygiene routine and professional cleanings. If you are like more than 90 percent of Americans, however, you will develop tooth decay one day if you haven’t already. When the day comes that you need ...

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Clean Up Your Yellow Teeth With Professional Teeth Whitening

Take a minute to do an online image search for “celebrity smiles”. (Do this in a separate tab. We do want you to keep reading this post, after all.) What did you see? Which smiles stood out first? You probably noticed the smiles with white, bright teeth. Now take a closer look at those ...

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Welcome to the Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS, LLC Blog

We’re excited to welcome you to the brand-new Van Buskirk & Krischke DDS, LLC blog! We look forward to sharing dental advice and information with you. Our goal here, just as it is when you visit us in our Crown Point, IN dentist office, is to help you keep your mouth and teeth healthy. For ...

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