Three Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

Too many people put off getting a root canal treatment because they are concerned. They worry that it will be painful based on how it is portrayed in movies and television or what someone said about their experience decades ago.

In modern dentistry, root canals are no worse than getting a dental filling. In many instances, they are practically painless.

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1. Stop Your Pain

Infected teeth can cause tooth sensitivity when you eat and drink hot or cold things. You can also have toothaches that interfere with your daily life. A root canal removes the infected tissue to alleviate your pain.

2. Save Your Smile

As part of the procedure, we fill your tooth with a special material to reinforce it. Then, we cap the tooth with a crown. This restores you smile and allows you to eat without problems again.

3. Prevent More Damage

By getting a root canal, you stop the infection from spreading. This also reduces your risk of additional damage to your oral health.

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