Times When Tooth Removal is a Good Idea

When you think of tooth removal, you may think of a problem. It’s true that tooth extractions are a way to deal with problems, but they also can set the stage for better oral health. Here are three times when taking out a tooth can be beneficial for you or someone you love.

A Severe Tooth Infection

Ideally, your tooth won’t get to this point. Yet, removing a tooth may be the only option if an infection is bad enough. This also can allow you to get a tooth replacement to restore your smile.

Preparing for Orthodontics

Crowding can make orthodontic care more complicated. By removing a tooth or a few teeth, you may have a simpler and shorter treatment to straighten your smile.

A Cracked or Broken Tooth

Many times these problems can be fixed with a crown or a root canal. However, a deep crack or break may leave you with a tooth that can’t be restored. This is another instance with remove and replace can get your oral health back where you want it to be.

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